Curate a collection for your shop with products that empower artisans and producer groups in Africa. Safi works with you to find the right handmade pieces for your business and provide unique custom offerings for our wholesale accounts.


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Why Choose us?

  • Direct Access to Artisans
  • The industry has always had multiple middlemen. With Safi, it's just you, us, and the master artisan. We work with you to understand your production needs, connect with our artisan collective and work to co-create your collection. Ethical production, focusing on sustainable practices and reviving craft.

  • Multiple products made under one roof
  • Over the years, we have travelled extensively all through Africa and built strategic partnerships with master craftspeople. Looking for handwoven textiles? Handwoven baskets? Safi has you covered. We have an assortment of products to cater for your needs.

  • End – to End Production Services
  • We work closely with you to understand your inspiration, current processes, desired goals, and vision. We work with you to help with end-to-end production from designing. Sourcing and storytelling.

    Wholesale Program

    Safi offers B2B artisan sourcing and custom production of African crafts ranging from home décor, textiles, apparel, and accessories. Safi collaborates with artisanal brands and sources to its network of wholesale and retail clients who are looking for unique, handmade products. Safi also guides artisan brands to ensure their companies are well-positioned and competitive in the handmade marketplace through its web application for artisans.

    We believe in creating goods for good and are delighted to connect you to our network of reliable partners that we have developed strong relationships with over the years.

    Our partners are perfectly suited for wholesalers and retailers looking for alternatives to the traditional mass-produced items that saturates the marketplace. We understand that many brands don’t know where to begin researching new, trustworthy partners to produce their designs. That’s where we come in. With Safi, you can discover incredible designs and creative ingenuity made in communities that lay outside of the digital economy. Safi brings you exceptional style in the stunning handcrafted industry created by artisans in Africa, directly to you.

    Fill out the form below to get started or, send us an email at safibrands@gmail.com