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The Safi Experience centre is an interactive, fun, and culturally enriching workshop. Our Outdoor Batik & Tie-Dye workshop is a perfect opportunity to bring a friend or family member and be creative together.  To book a session, click here
We organize a Batik and tie and dye workshop every Saturdays and Sundays at the Safi experience centre in Accra, Ghana. Participants are encouraged to design their own fabrics, patterns and explore various ways and techniques to create their very own tie and dye cloth pieces. 
Tutors at the experience centre make the entire process as fun and educational as possible. They encourage creative freedom,  and their input in the creation process is just to teach basic design techniques and executions,  while making room for the participants to unleash their creativity and workmanship in a way that  best suits them and is reflective of their journey all the while flaunting their cultural heritage.

To book a session, click here

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