SAFI pronounced SA-FI means Key in Ewe, native Ghanaian language. Safi unlocks opportunities and it is anchored on very strong values. The brand’s name reflects our values of sustainability, agility, fairness and integrity.

Safi was founded with a strong belief that there is an urgent need to promote the diverse craft traditions from Africa to provide better living and sustain employment for marginalized artisan communities.

We collaborate with a diverse range of artisans incorporating an indigenous blend of craft techniques with contemporary designs to provide unique and inspiring products to consumers.

Safi aims to build a sustainable and scalable supply chain between primary producers and global markets to create a sustainable hub for products handmade by craftspeople across Africa for B2B, B2C consumers, Domestic and International markets.

We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online and without any intermediary. From producers directly to you.


The Power of Crafts

As the second largest employer after agriculture in Africa, the crafts industry allows the millions of underprivileged to own their own successful business. Passed on from generation-to-generation crafts have the power to evoke thoughts of exotic and faraway places. With the ever-growing demand for handmade crafts, there is hope that these artisans will be able to earn a sustainable income and provide for their families. 


Safi has created a unique web application allows artisans in Africa to access learning and training models for free to enhance their craft and reach a global audience.  The saficraftkit provides learning models covering topics from production, sales and standard business practices to overcome common challenges, enabling craftspeople build sustainable businesses. This helps to drive innovative solutions to enhance artisanal skills and promote the work of African artisans across the globe.


We believe that supporting craft producers through trade is the most effective and sustainable way of improving people’s lives. We also strongly believe in the beauty and authenticity of goods produced in traditional ways. We work with artisans on different levels; some already have a well-designed and high-quality product but simply lack market access, others have a good product that needs enhancement and quality control. Safi seeks to create long-term relationships with our partnered artisans, helping them grow their business for the long term and helping them establish infrastructure for the future. 


We are committed to building a more vibrant and inclusive artisan movement by providing makers who often face barriers to accessing the support they need with the resources and market opportunities they need to thrive. With every purchase, customers are supporting meaningful income opportunities for artisans and their families, making a difference, and creating a positive, long-lasting impact.

Our makers are spread across Africa, each with craft specific to culture, methods, and materials native to their region. We aim to provide more than just livelihood - through our partnership with local artisans, we hope to help uplift their status, develop their confidence and sense of self-worth, and uphold their dignity as craftspeople.


Handmade with love - always,


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