Why African Craft?

For decades, craftspeople across Africa have played critical roles in reviving and sustaining local creative economies, often working from their homes and community workshops.

The scale of these informal workers is larger than many realize. Over 3 million artisans across Africa work from home, engaged in primarily craft-based handwork. Predominantly women, these workers are often unrecognized and the implementation of their social protections is the exception rather than the norm.


Safi Label aims to promote a community where artisan and brands come together, to unlock the potential of the artisan economy to grow with economic dignity enabling millions of artisans and artisan communities in Africa to thrive. Safi is committed to building a more vibrant and inclusive artisan movement by providing makers who often face barriers to accessing the support they need with the resources and market opportunities they need to thrive.





“We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online and without any intermediary. From you to us directly”

Leo et Violette founders