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Q&A with Akal Market Posted by Safi Label Team on December 8, 2022.

Akal Market

In 2020, the world came to a standstill as a result of the rapid invasion of Corona virus. The lockdowns of schools, religious meetings, and recreational activities affected small businesses, especially in the craft sector.

In this season of economic recession and businesses collapsing, Ms. Sara had the vision of impacting the Moroccan economy by supporting Moroccan artisans, business owners, and artists by establishing Akal Market. Akal Market is a certified e-commerce site in Morocco that promotes Moroccan brands and eco-friendly products.

We're thrilled she shared her story with us.


Questions and Answers

  1. Tell us a little bit about your business?

Akal Market is a Moroccan brand social enterprise that strives to promote craftsmanship by thoughtfully engaging in ethical partnerships with Moroccan artisans, artists, and business owners. These artisans have skills ranging from embroidery to handcrafting beautiful jewelry pieces and homemade crafts using locally sourced materials and unique processes. Our values are to promote the patronage of Moroccan arts and bring natural things into the market and increase the quality of goods.


  1. What Inspired you to start this business?

During the coronavirus season, it was a critical moment for me as I thought of ways to still have a better standard of living amidst the moments when borders were closed, goods from France and Europe were not possible, and consumption was affected.

We are endowed with some resources and treasures and are fortunate to have skilled artisans who optimize these resources for our consumption.

So the inspiration behind this business is, highlighting the culture and arts of Morocco as I brought artisans and creators all across together to let the world know about the amazing products we have.


  1. What is the mission of the business?

To raise awareness about the way to consume. When people decide to buy consciously, they aim to help artisans to have a better standard of living and contribute to the general improvement in the economy. Also, to show the world the rich artifacts, Morocco is blessed with.


  1. How has your journey been since you started this business.

So in every entrepreneurship business, there are some challenges in this journey. I started this journey alone and starting from the beginning was quite challenging. I am also doing another job, but in this journey, we don't give up. I always have to fight for this project and always be trendy so the business can still run and be in existence.


  1. What are the products Akal market is currently offering?

I've decided to present four categories. There are cosmetics and jewelry, food, decoration and fashion. All have the same value, and these are to bring out the Moroccan presence and highlight the quality of our goods.


  1. How has Akal market being able to impact the community?

Akal market is a new brand, but currently, people expect to have the new shop opened in the old city to start patronizing our products.


  1. What's your mind about working with Safi?

I'm excited to take on this unique collaboration with Safi. I feel that the collaboration will be interesting because we share the same values. Together, we can promote the patronage of our African culture and contribute to making significant impacts in our countries, continent, and the world as a whole.


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