Simpliexpand is a digital marketing agency based in Accra. Our team is made up of talented designers, developers, and marketers. For us digital marketing is not just a job — it is a driving passion. Our aim is to create a digital landscape in Ghana that transcends boarders. We do this by providing industry standard services that cater to all. 


While there are many digital marketing firms in Ghana, what sets Simpliexpand apart is our unrelenting passion to provide our clients with world-class on and offline marketing services that help build lasting brands and foray into new, exciting markets. Branding as a concept extends beyond the marketing of a company’s brand name or other products. A company’s brand represents them in their individual market spaces, thus focusing on who they are, what they do, their reputations and trustworthiness is what we do at Simpliexpand.





Any business that wants to expand needs a marketing strategy to ensure that the expansion is happening in the right manner. At simpliexpand we first brainstorm with our clients before embarking on any project to ensure we settle on the best strategy for them.


This gives businesses a sense of direction and focuses extensively on objectives and results. We make it a point to invest in planning to enable us provide our clients with the best results.


We sit down with our team of experts to develop the best products for our clients.

Product launch

After the product launch simpliexpand provides our clients with online services.




We currently serve as Safi’s Primary Marketing Agency, offering services like Customer relation management, PPC, Search Marketing and E-mail marketing. The growth of the Safi brand is very important to us and we do our possible best to leverage all we have to provide them with industry standard service.

Working with Safi through their re-branding process has been a delight. We are very happy to have been a part of the re-branding of bloom to Safi and we are certain customers of the brand would be equally happy with their new look along with the brands current focus on sustainability.




Since audiences are constantly changing, it is a great idea to get connected and stay connected with your audience. Connecting to your audience will allow you better understand their reactions, wants, and needs. 


Top Strategies for Keeping Your Audience Connected

  • Eye catching Websites
  • Use social media platforms to stay in touch with your audience
  • Make use of engaging content


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