SAFI: Designs to Inspire

100% Designed, Cut and Sewn Ghana

Safi Label is a 100% made in Africa fashion brand that produces responsibly crafted apparel, accessories and home goods. We aim to create unique products steeped in tradition and cultural heritage with a modern edge. Safi Label is all about melding a love of African culture and style with a commitment to thoughtful production and consumption.

All our products are handmade and locally made in Ghana by a team of talented artisans. We instill ethical and sustainable practices into the sourcing, design, and manufacturing of our products. Our core collections focus on a sustainable and timeless wardrobe that makes a social and economic impact. We enable our customers to feel good, look good, and do good.

We source all our materials on the continent and work with artisans in low-income communities. Socio-economic and environmental impact is the framework that we keep at the core of our design, supply chain and logistics. We envision an apparel industry where artisans are fairly compensated for their work, and customers have access to well-tailored, sustainably sourced products. As a continued effort, we are committed to re-investing portions of our proceeds to support local projects that focus on women empowerment and create employment opportunities for artisans in Africa.



Our brand name Safi pronounced /SA-FI/ means Key in Eve(Ewe), Native Ghanaian Language. A key symbolizes a tool that is used to unlock a world of opportunities.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with our brand name. Safi unlocks opportunities, and it is anchored on firm values. Our brand name reflects our values of sustainability, agility, fairness, and integrity.

At Safi, we value a sustainable wardrobe. We believe in curating a thoughtful collection of well-made and well-loved items. Our style choices reflect our values for a safer, cleaner, and fairer planet.



Safi Label was founded with a clear objective of offering apparel and accessories, sustainably to eco-conscious people across the globe.

We focus on bringing high quality, timeless designs, and craftsmanship that empower artisans in low-income communities with a sustainable income source to achieve a secure livelihood.

We aim to preserve indigenous craftsmanship techniques and promote sustainable development in artisan communities.


Sustainable Development Goals

We focus on SDG 5, 8, 10, and 12 to achieve gender equality, reduced inequality, promote sustained and inclusive employment and responsible production.

Our brand unlocks opportunities for budding artisans to unleash their talents.

Our brand focusses on craftsmanship, ingenuity, sustainability, and empowerment of local artisans to increase the integrity of our fashion choices.

We also invest in women along our supply chains such as female artisans, female entrepreneurs, and female-owned production facilities, as an avenue to create more employment opportunities for women.


Ethical Production

We work with a team of talented artisans in Ghana who share our empowerment, sustainability, and ethical production values. All our products are made locally, designed, cut, and sewn in Ghana. We source our materials locally, such as the African print wax, woven fabrics that incorporate the rich Ghanaian culture. In a bid to minimize waste sent to landfills, we repurpose old clothing, deadstock materials that are not fit for sale into our collection.

We also incorporate a zero-waste philosophy by repurposing all our fabric and leather scraps into a zero-waste accessory collection. Utilizing sustainable leather is very important to the brand. The brand carefully sources premium quality, eco-leathers that are organically tanned without the use of harmful chemicals. We also source surplus and leftover leather cut-offs from luxury leather companies. The brand recycles and upcycles them to create a new range of products. The durability and multi-usage of these leather skins enable the brand to transform them into a wide range of products, giving each product a unique, one of a kind feel.


Designed to Last

We focus on quality instead of quantity. Each product is handcrafted by artisans who are highly skilled in their craft. They incorporate traditional techniques and designs that have been passed down from generations of highly skilled artisans.

This enables us to create timeless designs that can be worn for years, not only one season. We also source the finest quality leather and African woven fabrics and prints to produce modern pieces, designed to inspire and last.


Making an Impact

The brand seeks to promote social and economic change.

We aim to promote poverty alleviation interventions amongst artisans in low-income communities. Our products ensure that artisans in low-income communities are provided with a stable income, safe working conditions, and promote traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down from generations.

Many artisans in low-income communities have limited access to education and economic opportunities. With every purchase, consumers support the livelihood of these artisans, their families, and their communities.

As a social enterprise, we are committed to re-investing portions of our proceeds to support local projects that focus on women empowerment and employment opportunities for artisans in Ghana.