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Handmade Jewelry

Our Mission


We believe in empowering artisans with a sustainable income through craft. Our mission is to connect artisans to significant global markets and help improve their livelihood by bringing their unique products right to your doorstep.All of our products are made by a talented team of African artisans. We currently work with master artisans from Ghana, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Senegal. Each community is unique and we foster collaboration by inviting local communities along on our journey.



Safi's jewelry artisans recycle brass, a metal alloy made with copper and zinc. The artisans also use responsibly sourced reclaimed wood and cow horn, a byproduct of the food industry, that would otherwise be thrown out.



No intermediaries and no wholesalers. So no excessive margins. It's just between you and us. And this is what allows us to offer you a quality product at an affordable price. Welcome to the fashion of the 21st century.


traditional craftsmanship

Each product is expertly handcrafted by African artisans.They incorporate traditional techniques and designs that have been passed down from generations of highly skilled artisans.

Your Impact

impact driven

You are an indispensable partner in our cycle of supporting and uplifting artisans in Africa. A portion of the proceeds from your purchases provides free learning toolkits through the safi craft kit app for artisans. This helps them to improve their craft and and create employment opportunities.


We only work with the best leather, chosen in collaboration with our artisan partners. Made in Africa.

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guiding principles

We stand on the pillars of design, tradition, and inclusion. As a social enterprise, we work with communities in Africa to bring beautifully handcrafted pieces into the global market.



The Safi craft kit is a web app designed to help artisans develop new business skills, access global markets, and grow their business.

If you’re an artisan, run a craft business or support the craft sector in Africa we are here to improve your practice by providing tools to plan and grow your business.

The platform provides learning models, bitesize exercises and access to skilled mentors to improve practices in key business areas.

Ready to learn new skills to improve your craft business?

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